INTERÉP 2000 Építőanyag Kereskedőház Kft. was founded in 1995 in cooperation with Magyar Építő Rt. and Középületépítő Rt. As of 2003 the ownership quota was bought from the joint proprietors, this way the company has been transformed into a family enterprise in 2005.

The company manages a capital of 14 million HUF with the annual average net revenue of 500 million HUF. The principal activity is wholesale of building materials with an average volume of 250-300 million HUF per year; however our activities also include small general constructions, establishing sport fields, designing and remodelling works of offices and bank branch offices (which eventually includes interior design planning). Our major manufacturers and suppliers include: Baumit, LB Knauf, Sacret, Rigips, Knauf Insulation, Rockwool, Mapei, Uzin, Graboplast, Armstrong DLW, Boen Sport, Erdért.

Our crucial objective is not only to supply building material for major projects, but to serve all possible customers, including private home-builders on a standard as high as possible. By providing technical guidance and suggesting possible contractors, our experts are able to meet all demands, from minor request to major contracts, involving hundreds of millions of HUF, from isolation solutions to flooring.

By owning in- and outdoor storage areas through our partners and a private carrier fleet, we are able to make deliveries viable within one day.
Our company is ISO 9001:2000 certified and is covered by Épszer liability insurance in the amount of 50 million HUF (~ EUR 182 000).

Our references prove to the enquirers, that our company is not solely competent in building materials delivery, but is also efficient and meets the highest quality standards in building construction, renovation, office remodelling and design, (in- and outdoor) sport field establishment, hard flooring and carpets-, laminate-, vinyl and wooden flooring, interior design, dry construction systems, floor/ceiling isolation and special acoustic insulation. The apartment complexes and detached houses – which can be viewed in the reference listing beside the large projects – have been built in form of general construction by our company.

In the past year we have also established our own website: www.interep2000.hu
Our email-address: interep@me.com

Attila Bánki
dipl. ing., dipl. oec.

INTERÉP 2000 Építőanyag Kereskedőház Kft.
Budapest, József krt. 59-61.
Phone: (+36) 1428-07-37;  Fax: (+36) 1302-87-77
E-mail: interep@me.com
Tax ID: 12053517-2-42
Bank account number: 12010855-00103349-00100005


Corvin Movie Palace soft flooring (carpets, laminate, vinyl)
Duna House, 56 apartments and offices soft flooring and specialists’ work
ELTE North Campus ( 8500 m2 ) soft flooring
Wesselényi utca offices ( 3500 m2 ) drywall construction
Historical monument, Budapest Andrássy út 106 hard (stone and tiles) and soft flooring
Alba Plaza ( Multiplex Cinemas ) soft flooring
SOTE Manager School hard and soft flooring
Kiscelli residential park, I. unit, 55 apartments hard and soft flooring
100-flat condominium, Budapest Kőrösi Cs. út wall coating, hard and soft flooring
Uzsoki Hospital ( 13.500 m2 ) hard flooring
Art Hotel ( 250 rooms, lounge areas ) hard and soft flooring
ELTE South Campus ( 12.500 m2 ) soft flooring
Barlang u. residential park, 20 apartments hard and soft flooring
Budapest Bank, Budapest Váci út 202 soft flooring
MOFÉM TEKA head office soft flooring
Raiffeisen Bank branch offices hard and soft flooring, mobile walls
Lurdy ház single space/open plan office ( 5000 m2 ) soft flooring
Double detached house, Budapest Pusztakúti út 9 full-scale construction
3 mediterranean condominiums, Budapest Testvérhegyi út 22 full-scale construction
Guesthouse, Dörgicse full-scale construction
Detached house, Dörgicse full-scale construction
German Minority High School, Pilisvörösvár area-elastic sports flooring
OTP Sport Stadium (1250 m2) Singleflex area-elastic sports flooring
Kozármisleny (1300 m2) Singleflex area-elastic sports flooring
Csörsz utca, Sport Centre area-elastic sports flooring
Primary School, Telki area-elastic sports flooring
Sport Stadium, Sellye area-elastic sports flooring
OTP branch office, Budaőrs, Auchan drywall construction
OTP branch office, Budapest, Erzsébet krt. drywall construction
Jeans Club, Eger drywall construction
Jeans Club, Zalaegerszeg drywall construction
Jeans Club, Veszprém drywall construction
Jeans Club headquarters, Budapest drywall construction
Jeans Club, Prague, Brno drywall construction
Hotel, Gödöllő Dózsa Gy.út 2 drywall construction
Condominium, Budapest Drégely u. 6-8 drywall construction
Condominium, Budapest Drégely u. 6-8 basement ceiling isolation
Tesco, Gyömrő roof isolation
Tesco, Gyömrő drywall construction, hard flooring
Tesco, Oroszlány isolation material supply
Kasib Office, Budapest drywall construction
Kasib Office, Budapest hard flooring
Deichmann Office, Budapest Árkád Shopping Centre soft flooring
Szent Imre Hospital, Budapest Tétényi út hard flooring
Condominium, Budapest Hunyadi u. 23-33 hard flooring
Millenium City Centre, 7/A Office, Budapest basement ceiling isolation
EGIS Pharmaceutical Factory, Tablet and Injection Plant hard flooring
263-flat comdominium, Budapest Vaskapu u. 10-14 hardwood floor supply
Mandarin Residential Park, Budapest Bartók Béla út 98-102 basement ceiling isolation
Angyalkert Apartment House, Budapest Csata u. basement ceiling isolation
Condominium, Budapest Petneházy u. 70-72 basement ceiling isolation
Polyclinic, Budapest Révész u. DLW soft flooring
ING Újbuda basement ceiling isolation
Porsche Office dry construction
Holmes Place Sport Centre area-elastic sports flooring
School, Budapest Pannonia u. Grabo sport pvc and vinyl floor covering
Pápa Airport, Sport Field Singleflex area-elastic sports flooring